Planning a Wedding

Spring is almost upon us which means that wedding season is here! Typically more weddings happen during the spring and summer months than the rest of the year. These happy couples have been planning their dream wedding for the last few months, and even some for a year or more! Planning a wedding can be more complicated and time consuming than you would think, until you realize the details that need to go into it. Lets walk through the planning stages together.

Hooray, you are newly engaged! You may want to take a little time to bask in your new status before jumping into the wedding planning with both feet. Ready to plan?Wedding-2 First, you and your fiance need to decide on the date you wish your nuptials to take place. Got the date hammered down? Great! Now its time to choose a location. For some of you, the “where” will be the easiest part while for others not so much. Perhaps you and your fiance live far away from your families or you wish to get married on the sands of Hawaii? Decide together what geographical location would be best for you two, then the real planning can start!

After you have picked your date and place, the venue will be your next decision. The venue you choose should be something personal to you. If you have a church you grew up in or really love the beach, it should be some place that means something to you and your soon-to-be spouse. You can get creative with your venue, too. There are some places you might not be aware of that will host your wedding such as local clubs or even yachts. This is your special day, so be sure you love the venue you choose.

The reception happens right after the ceremony in your chosen venue so it should be the next item on your list to plan. Pink wedding tables in outdoor restaurantFinding a place to host your reception is the first thing to do. Sometimes the venue you had your ceremony in will also have a place to hold a reception. Take a tour of it and see if you like the atmosphere. Remember though, you can decorate to your liking. If you need to find a venue look for local clubs, banquet halls, restaurants, or country clubs to host the event.

The reception will have several vendors that you will need to choose, meet, and coordinate with. A catering company will help you plan a menu to suit your guest’s needs. You will even be able to taste food samples from the catering company to help you decide on the right meal to serve. Meet with a bakery in the town you are getting married in. Many bakeries make wedding cakes and will book a consultation with you to see their work and taste different flavors of cake that they offer. Informative and yummy! Find a florist who will suit your needs. Picking flowers that match the color of your wedding will help to have it look more coordinated.

WEDDING-DRESS-SHOPPINGUsually six to eight months in advance you will want to start your search for a wedding dress. I know it seems like a lot of time, but keep in mind that your body may change over that time and alterations will need to be made. Having alterations done on your dress by a professional will assure that you look amazing on your big day!

Throughout this planning process, you and your fiance should be compiling a guest list for your big day. If the date is more than six months away, send out save the date cards to guests so they can plan ahead. Save the date cards are especially important for those that will need to travel to your wedding. About three to four months before the actual wedding you will want to send out invitations with RSVP cards inside. The RSVP cards that are returned will give you an idea as to how many guests to expect.

Your special day needs to be captured in a way that you will be able to relive time and time again. When it comes to wedding Photographer-in-Action-0001photography, you need to make sure to not just buy the cheapest photographers available. You’ll regret it.

Remember, this is your day and you only get to do it once! Choose things that you love and mean something to you and your fiance. You will remember this day forever.